Disaster recovery is the process of retrieving your previous status before the occurrence of disaster through the various process. In the computing world, the data is the primary objective to recover in case of disaster.

Big companies have been storing their data backup in various ways; some will have their own backup at the same place to instantly recover the data. But sometimes, they store it in a remote location. If the data is small, you can use less amount of storage devices. It would fit in your budget. But what if you have a large number of data and it all needs to be taken as a backup.

You will require a data centre to manage such those large amount of data. You can have one data centre, that will also cost a lot for a company. No one wants to spend money on such things when they only need to in case of any loss. Probably no loss, the amount that spent on the data centre to establish, store and maintain will be considered as the loss for companies which have strict budgets. You should have a proper disaster recovery plan

We can divide the data into two categories

  • Not required much – ( archive)
  • Often required        

The often necessary data can be stored in a nearby area, and the not much-required data can be stored nearby area location to access. The archive type can be stored in secondary devices and kept somewhere.

So, here in case any disaster in the location of secondary storage devices you will lose your archived data, even when you do not need it now, it may be required on some other days. Losing the critical data also will ruin your business.

For small companies, they should need a budget to maintain such backups. To solve all the issues we can go for the cloud which gives you unlimited storage access, and you will pay for what you use. So the companies which can’t have their secondary data centre’s can choose backup to cloud option.

You do not need to worry about fire, cyclone, rain or any natural disaster unless it destroys the entire world( There will be no need of data). The worry is theirs (cloud service provider), all you have to do is just keep your data on the cloud.

Cloud almost gives 100% uptime because it is much reliable than any other form of computing. You can see 100% network uptime guarantee. Cloud service providers have multiple data centres.

Your data will be backed up in multiple locations, so in case of any natural disasters at their data centres, there won’t be any problem in serving you without interruption. All are their worries. Don’t worry about that part “ the giant companies has chosen their locations based on their metrics. Those locations are not frequently affected by the disaster. They will take care everything for you.

The advanced technology has been growing, and a lot of new implementations are coming every day. To update yourself fast, you have to use the cloud. The number one cloud platform is Microsoft Azure. They are technology builders and also leading in this industry. They have many cloud data centres to access. You can choose the one very near to your location.