If you are a common man, When you hear the word cloud, you might think about hosting. Of Course, cloud gives you hosting, but it is not the entire job of the cloud. A lot of people use the cloud for 100% uptime.

Cloud is good for hosting, but it has more than that for you. Cloud’s job is 90% entirely differs from what you think as it functions. Using cloud you can do the following things

  • Create an infrastructure
  • Deploy your virtual machine
  • Backup your data
  • Load balancing
  • Hosting (well-known feature as Amazon )
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtual network
  • Development platform

And more features.

Cloud is a technology which helps you to try out your large computation tasks which require substantial computing resources so that you could not carry out in the past.

For a lot of companies, big computation resources rarely need so they cannot establish extensive resources for such short time requirements. So, here, What else could be the solution for them?

The solution would be the cloud, and it can be deployed temporarily as pay per use model. In this method, you are just hiring a computing resource which is scalable and extended based on requirement. Your cloud solution provider will do all the necessary things. 

See, how easy is your job now. No need of buying hardware, software, configuring of it, maintaining it even when it is not required. It stops you from spending too much money for one day purpose. This prevents you from letting your purchased resource idle. The chance of keeping your valuable resources as an object in the exhibition is very small.

Now the method is to hire when you need and let go when the job was done. It sounds sweet, is not it?

The big job like business intelligence and big data analysis requires a lot of computing resources. Cloud is the best solution for them. Microsoft Azure cloud has the large number of supporting tool for business intelligence and big data analysis.

If you are a small company and require high-configured systems for development, you can create a virtual machine in the cloud with your desired configuration. You can create multiple virtual machines and combine them into a virtual network.

You only need the high-speed internet connection, your end system configuration can be whatever to access remote system on the cloud. It only does screen casting job and sends all your inputs to the remote PC.

The people who need a lot of systems configured like above said can use the virtual network as their option. Also a lot of data has to be kept securely for later access. To do this, you can use cloud as your data backup service option for storing critical data.

Also, the data which does not require frequent access also can be stored on the cloud. Cloud is the highest option for anyone to store their data for the recovery purpose. You don’t need to be worried about the natural disaster or any man caused disaster.

You data will be safe on the cloud without any disturbance. You can access all your data anywhere anytime. All you need is a good internet connection. The faster the internet, the better the user experience.

I know you won’t have any trouble in having good internet connection as it is available for all due to technology advancement.